Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

The results of FEA are not inherently error-free. Many engineers and designers today use FEA as a "black box" by simply inputing data, pressing “go” and reporting the results.

Using such a powerful tool without proper understanding of the governing engineering principals can lead to serious mistakes and possible gross failures. The success of FEA also depends on how closely the geometry, mesh, loads and boundary conditions simulate the actual behavior of the structure.

Aiken Engineering’s FEA expertise gives us the ability to solve large complex FEA models with well more than 1,000,000 elements. Solutions are achieved with FEA workstation capacity to run these large models “in-memory” for shorter project completion times.

For each situation, we have a thorough knowledge and understanding of

  • Which finite element analysis is appropriate
  • Which part of the structure must be studied in detail
  • Which simplifications are valid
  • How to examine the results to verify accuracy

  • Aiken designs and evaluates specialized equipment and components for critical service applications.