The Aiken Engineering EPIC™ Project Services Program is delivered by a team of professional engineers, designers and industry experts. EPIC™ means we:

  • Engineer to applicable codes and industry best practices
  • Procure system components and equipment
  • Install system components and equipment
  • Customize design to meet the specific needs of the application.

Download a brochure on EPIC™ here.

The EPIC™ program addresses the specific, unique needs of the client. This customization is critical to project success.

Aiken engineers the processes, systems and equipment to the client's objective using applicable codes and industry approved best practices.

Aiken procures the equipment and components required for the project.

Aiken coordinates and oversees the installation as directed by the client.

Aiken is sensitive to the proprietary nature of our client's work. We hold client information in the strictest confidence.

We strive to work in harmony with client teams to develop sound solutions appropriate to the company's needs.

  • Aiken designs and evaluates specialized equipment and components for critical service applications.